Sunday, 10 December 2017

Epic Space Marine 6mm Battle Report

So after a fairly long break of a couple of years I decided to finally get back into the 6mm scene with a long overdue game of Space Marine: Second edition (aka Epic).

To facilitate this my best mate and I broke out our vast armies and set about undertaking a full day of gaming that I have to admit was some of the best fun that I've had in ages. 

We decided to stick to the game's name and keep things suitably 'epic' by setting a massive point limit on the game of around 7000 points.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

New Airbrush: Sparmax Max 4

It was my birthday recently and my long-suffering other-half was gracious enough to get me something that I had been lusting after for some time... An airbrush and all the trimmings!

Now this is an acquisition that I have been considering for a number of years but I have managed to talk myself in and out of purchasing one multiple times. Finally though I decided I wanted to make the move into airbrushing and thus set about researching the subject fully as a decent brush is an expensive commitment. Now there is loads of information and guidance on the web from other hobbyists...but the trouble is nearly all of it is contradictory. Eventually though I established that both a high-quality airbrush and compressor were vital to achieve good results... It is clear that there are some names on the market that seem to dominate the airbrush industry (Iwata, Badger, Steinbeck) and these are acknowledged as the premier league of airbrushing... However a little bit of digging revealed something quite interesting, it seems that many of these top-end airbrushes are actually made for these market leaders by another company... yes it seems the less well-known company Sparmax actually manufacture models on behalf of the other firms who then just add their own branding.

With this in mind I decided to look at Sparmax's own products and found that they were of a comparable quality to more well-known competitors but at a significantly reduced price (though they are still by no means cheap). The more research I did the more I was confident that this company could provide me the tools I needed at a reasonable price.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Primaris Space Marine - Crimson Fist Hellblasters

So I've been away on exercise and assorted training packages with the Army for the last month which explains my prolonged absence from this venerable blog. I'm pleased to be back home and more importantly back in my painting chair.

I've just finished my first unit of Primaris Space Marines so I thought I'd post them up here for you all to see. I initially considered starting a whole new chapter of Astartes for my Primaris models, but then I decided I'd actually prefer to slip them into my existing force of Crimson Fists and so I broke out the blue paint and went to work.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Battle Report: Crimson Fists vs Imperial Guard

So I had my mate over to my house the other day in order to play a game of the new edition of Warhammer 40,000; as previously stated I am a massive fan of the new version of the rules and as such I was keen to get another battle under my belt.

The majority of members of my usual gaming group are casual gamers and so we use the fairly informal but relatively balanced Power Points system to put our armies together. This system is ideal for quickly assembling a force and provides a fairly equal fun game for the majority of situations... Though it is vulnerable to exploitation by power gamers!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Crimson Fists Devastators

Finally I've managed to finish off some troops that I have been working on for quite a while. I initially started these three five-man devastator squads back in April after I completed work on my Imperial Knights. I have been doing bits on them on-and-off between other projects since then.